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We measure, analyze and report the economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts of your events.

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We have measured

Impact analytics in the first week.

This is the intelligence center for your events. Here you will find irrefutable arguments to validate your impacts.

Usable reports.

Attractive and easy-to-read impact storytelling, nurtured by our trained eye for data analysis.

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Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Infographics to share.

Infographic packages to turn your impacts into a trending topic in the press and social media.

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We collect, integrate and report.

We integrate different data sources such as surveys, spreadsheets and databases, which are analyzed according to our methodology inspired by international best practices for event impact measurement.

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Why measure my event?


Facilitates the fundraising and reporting of public and private funds.


Measure your carbon footprint and identify actions for sustainability


Streamline sponsorships and permits


Communicate an impact story to the media and public opinion.


Know and segment your audiences.


Quantitative arguments to shield your event from uncertainties (policies, etc.).

Measurement of "De Boliche en Boliche"

Major events have trusted us


Customized dashboard for the cycle.



Tailor-made methodology and report.



Infographic summary of the event cycle.


Launch Panel

Conversation with different stakeholders about the study.


Schedule a call to get a quote that fits your needs.

In a short call we can get to know a little bit about your event(s) and understand your needs to be able to send you a tailored quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

We are currently operating in Chile, but we are preparing our internationalization and depending on the conditions of your events we can provide the service remotely. Contact us to evaluate the case and send you our best proposal.

Contact us to evaluate the case and send you our best proposal in local currency.

Direct Economic Impact: Budget, employment and supplier contracting. Indirect Economic Impact: Spending of attendees inside and outside the event, Tourist Impact, ticket valuation / subsidies for access to culture and leisure. Conversion Ratio: Multiplier that reflects how many dollars of impact the event generates for each dollar invested.

Demographic and psychographic segmentation of attendees. Groups benefited and impact on accessibility. Evaluation of attendee experience and perception. Segmentation of artists, workers, businesses and associated services.

Indirect GHG Emissions: Greenhouse gas emissions resulting from transportation and accommodation of attendees. This impact is included in all our plans. Direct GHG Emissions: This measurement can be quoted as an extra service. - Promoter's emissions: Greenhouse gas emissions due to energy consumption, waste, transportation, accommodation and transfer of staff, workers, and artists. - Emissions from businesses and services: Greenhouse gas emissions from energy consumption, waste, merchandising, beverages and food from businesses and services participating in the event.

From the carbon footprint measurement that we perform, it is possible to make a certification of the emissions of the event to subsequently neutralize this footprint, however this service is not part of the subscription plans as it must be evaluated and assessed on a case by case basis. Contact us for more information.

Since 2017 we have been researching the available international literature on best practices for event impact measurement. Our first triple impact methodology was developed with researchers from Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María. We are currently part of the main sustainability communities in events, such as Positive Impact Events, Sustainable Event Alliance and Net Zero Carbon Events.

We have a standard methodology, on which some segmentation, evaluation and perception questions can be customized. If you have specific needs, please complete the quotation form and we will contact you.

We calculate our samples with the objective of achieving 95% reliability in the results.

The service includes costs of survey systems, mailing and remote training of volunteer pollsters. However, it does not include the recruitment or payment of surveyors' fees.

Contact us to evaluate your needs.

Yes, you can quote specific services as an add-on.

You can contact us if you wish to quote any of our additional services: - Aftermovie production of the event with impact data. - Additional report. - Additional measurement. - Production of impact report launch panel. - PR and press management of results dissemination. - Additional infographic package.